2013 Payroll Tax Update

Posted by Gloria Braunschweig on Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We’ve just tested the installation and operation of the first 2013 payroll tax update for Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2010.  Of note, for your first 2013 payroll, the User Date must be set to 1/1/2013 or later. And we found the Pay Period Date range must also be 2013 dates.

Your Payroll transaction Pay Periods may still be within 2012; if they are, that’s okay.  You’ll receive date warnings on the Build Check Reports, but the transactions will be included in the pay run.  For example:

  • Our first payroll processing for 2013 will include payroll transactions from 12/2/2012 to 12/29/2012
  • We will calculate payroll 12/31/2012
  • Payroll is paid 1/2/2013.  Since all tax laws are based on when payroll is paid, this payroll run is officially regarded as 2013 payroll
  • We’ll set our user date to 1/2/2012 and the Pay Period Date range to 1/1/2013 to 1/2/2013

Bottom line, a little tweak may be necessary this year for your first 2013 payroll processing, but the system accommodates the process.

If you don’t set your dates within 2013, the Dynamics GP Payroll won’t allow you to complete the payroll processing past the Build Payroll Checks function.

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