Microsoft Dynamics®GP

ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive Business Management Technology system. Manage and grow your wholesale distribution or supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Gain the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Tools to increase productivity, automate business processes and provide timely information. More than just accounting software, Dynamics provides you with cost-effective technology and solution-based products to meet even the most complex business challenges.


Standard modules

Financials • Fixed Assets • Payroll • Accounts Payable • Accounts Receivable • Inventory Management • Purchase Order

Speed your planning and develop deeper analysis

Use role-based, personalized dashboards and Key Performance Indicators that include charts, graphs, and gauges with direct access to Dynamics. See Six Tips for Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

Perform advanced analytics

Examine what-if scenarios, predictive modeling and forecasting. With Advanced Financial Analysis you can modify the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Statement of Cash Flows, and create custom reports.

Increase your productivity & ROI

Reduce steps for routine tasks with enhanced workflow, including new workflows for onboarding employees, vendor approvals, and others.  See the potential for ROI in the GuideBook Microsoft Dynamics GP Report J20 June 2009. Determine your potential annual savings with the Benefits Estimator. Examine the benefits of data synchronization and interactivity between Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Microsoft Office System.

Get the right solution for your business

SalesPad for GP. Integrating SalesPad with Microsoft Dynamics GP is the most comprehensive ERP solution for wholesale distribution and supply chains at a competitive price.

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Manage Your Business With Dynamics GP. In this video, you’ll follow along as an Executive observes and responds to critical trends in the company’s business. You’ll see how the executive leverages Microsoft Dynamics GP to track key metrics, assign tasks to staff members, and prepare for an important customer meeting.

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Pricing. Find out if Dynamics is right for your business. Read the  Top Ten Reasons to Invest in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Call Computeration for a Business Capabilities Assessment to help you select the product that best meets your needs and expectations.