Microsoft Dynamics® GP (formerly known as Great Plains)
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Dynamics is as flexible as it is powerful. Computeration can help you find the best solutions for your business needs. We work with to find the system that will recover your investment quickly and move you into the future.

Dynamics GP has two Editions.

Advanced Management Edition

This edition provides a broad set of functionality for growing, mid-market or high needs businesses. All modules in the Bussiness Edition are included plus advanced supply chain management, advanced financial management, business intelligence and reporting, manufacturing, project management and customer relationship modules.

Business Essentials Edition

This edition provides core financial management and trade functionality. This edition  includes modules for basic financial management, supply chain management, business intelligence and reporting, and configuration and design tools.

A variety of modules are available in both editions for Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting, Financial Management, Human Resources (HR), Manufacturing, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Workspace Collaboration, Configuration and Development, and Database.

Advanced Management Enterprise

These modules extend the functionality of the Advanced Management Edition for businesses with complex needs. The modules for advanced manufacturing, advanced project management, customer relationship and advanced configuration and development tools are purchased separately.

Additional Components

These modules may be purchased individually to solve unique business needs and may be used with either edition.