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Selecting and using software, hardware and services generates a lot of questions. These are some of the useful resources that we share with our clients. Please help yourself or give us a call if you don’t see what you are looking for. We’re here to help you find the system that will recover your investment quickly and move you into the future.

New! How-to with Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Shrinking and Expanding Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Chart of Accounts Structure – 10 Recommendations

The Chart of Accounts is at the heart of the Microsoft Dynamics GP system. The structure is difficult to shrink once implemented, but can be much more easily expanded. Based on thousands of implementations, Computeration offers ten explanations and recommendations on how to create a powerfully simple chart of accounts.

Risk Management

Microsoft Threats and Countermeasures Guide

The Microsoft Security Risk Management Guide


If IFRS is on Your Horizon, What are Your Choices? (request form)

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Microsoft Office System

Your people drive your results, right? So, go beyond just sharing the data you’ve worked so hard to collect. Tap into the natural interactivity between Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Microsoft Office System to provide relevant tools that help your people analyze the information and produce results.

GP2010 Performance Benchmark: 500 User Scalability

The results show that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 can process an incredible number of transactions and large processing volume under high stress scenarios. This white paper also includes real-world examples of transaction processing throughput from some of our largest customers. The combination of this information will help you assess how Microsoft Dynamics GP can scale to meet your organizational needs and goals, now and into the future.

Microsoft Dynamics Modular Functionality

Want to learn how the modules in each Microsoft Dynamics GP series can work for you? Download our guide.

Nucleus Research GuideBook: Microsoft Dynamics GP Report J20 June 2009

Nucleus Research reviews Microsoft Dynamics® GP’s key benefits as they apply to supply chain distribution, manufacturing, retail, professional services, and government processes. The key cost areas for deployment, including initial and ongoing costs are also included.

Selecting New Software

Wholesale Distributors Guide to Selecting Software (request form)

Looking for a straight-forward process? Our guide takes you one step at a time thorough the preparation, planning, evaluating and purchasing your accounting software. This process flow document includes major assumptions for small and mid-size businesses and some of the most common problems that companies encounter.

Benefits Estimator

Determine your potential ROI from Microsoft Dynamics GP’s advanced productivity. Top

Site Survey (request form)

Are you ready for new accounting software? This survey offers you questions to self-assess your operational, financial, information technology, marketing and sales, purchasing and production, research and development, and human resources functions.

The Value of Prototypes: A Whitepaper on Computeration’s Implementation Process

There is a lot of information available on choosing the right software. The clincher, the decision maker, should be the prototype. Before 100% commitment to the software purchase, before all personnel are trained, and before processes and customized components are re-designed, we advocate the prototype.Top

Tools and Architecture

Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Tools Overview

Multiple tools and options exist to create integrations with Microsoft Dynamics® GP (Dynamics) transactions and master records. This white paper offers a summary of the current tools.

Choosing a Development Tool

This guide discusses nine tools that can be used to create integrations with Microsoft Dynamics GP and the four main factors that will influence your choice.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Architecture

This white paper describes the application structure, performance and scalability, customization, data integration, platform features, reporting and analytics, workflow, business portal and application extensibility of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Network Services

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