Hosted Microsoft Dynamics® GP Benefits for
Supply Chain Companies: 

Control the Cost of Doing Business

  • Reduce initial cost of management, database, server software
  • Eliminate overhead spending on server storage, power, telecommunications, environment
    conditioning, and network servers and devices
  • Reduce IT staff costs
  • Eliminate burdensome ongoing software management and updates

Secure Access to Your Data

  • Secure your information within a security-rich physical infrastructure
  • Enable remote access to all your employees

Meet Compliance and Regulation Standards

  • Meet your compliance requirements
  • Utilize auditable, flexible, feature-rich Dynamics to grow your business

Computeration Provides A Hosted Solution That:

  • Cuts the implementation time of your business management system down to hours
  • Fixes your monthly costs
  • Reduces professional service costs—
    use only what you need for:

    • Project Management
    • Prototyping
    • Software Development
    • Legacy Data Migration
    • Training

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