Microsoft Dynamics® GP
Business Software for Financial Management

Tracking all aspects of your business is one of the greatest challenges. Sometimes, even measuring the degree of project completion can be difficult. Poor management of resources can turn what promises to be a profitable year into a year of unmet expectations.

That’s why Microsoft Dynamics GP supports mid-size businesses with tools to access decision-driving information, realize a rapid return on investment, and focus on dedicated customer service. Read our Small Business Financials Implementation case study. See how your business can benefit from Financials with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Project Management

  • Control contracts, jobs, and projects from initial quote to final billing.
  • Meet scheduled deadlines with a complete and accurate picture of project status.
  • Track and access all information, activities, budgets, costs, and billings.
  • Automate your business processes with reusable templates.

Financial Management

  • Reduce the time and effort spent on accounting tasks.
  • Track the true costs of a project.
  • Enter, edit, and approve detailed time and expense transactions when they happen.
  • Report expenses in the field through a Web-based application.
  • Install flexible budgeting processes business-wide.

Employee Management

  • Manage teams using Web-based collaboration tools and communication portals.
  • Respond rapidly to employee and management requests with the critical information.
  • Track employee information.
  • Simplify benefits administration.


  • Bill fees accurately.
  • Create predefined fee structures.
  • Tailor billing options and invoice formats to the project.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • Create, update, and modify all required reports and forms.
  • Generate financial statements on a cash or traditional accrual basis.
  • Use flexible scheduling and delivery options to publish reports.