Integration Tools for
Microsoft Dynamics® GP

How Integration Tools Work


The diagram below will give you an overview of how various tools work in an integration project.



Summary of Available Integration Tools

Below is a summary of the multiple tools and options that exist to create integrations with your Microsoft Dynamics® GP transactions and master records.

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Tool Description
Web Services Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a standard Web service interface to access data in the accounting system. Web services use standard Internet transport protocols such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and standard XML-based document formats such as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to exchange information.
 eConnect eConnect is a set of files, tools, and services that allow applications to integrate with Dynamics data. It is the primary platform for importing and exporting data.
Zap Integration Zap allows you to use a familiar tool – Microsoft Excel – and facilitates low-cost, custom, easy integrations built with Computeration’s unique coding and eConnect.
Integration Manager The Integration Manager is a separate application used to import transactions into work files and master records (without staging the record).  End users with training can create and use integration routines.  With Modifier with VBA, the power of the integration routines can be substantially increased.
Modifier with VBA The Modifier with VBA is a customization tool that is available with every Microsoft Dynamics GP client installation. It is used to modify the appearance and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP windows, including those created by third-party applications.
ODBC A more experienced developer may choose to use ODBC integration.  The individual must have solid understanding of the tables, table groups, inter-relationships, and data structure of Microsoft Dynamics® GP.
Dexterity Dexterity is the development tool used to create the Microsoft Dynamics GP application. It can be used by software developers to create both user interface and database integrations.
Visual Studio® Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP allows a developer to use Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Framework to create integrations for Microsoft Dynamics GP. These integrations are created entirely in managed code, and can use the extensive features provided by the .NET Framework.
Extender Extender is a customization and integration tool that can be used to modify Microsoft Dynamics GP without requiring the developer to write code. It allows you to “extend” Microsoft Dynamics GP by adding additional data entry windows that work along with windows already in the system.

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