Microsoft Dynamics®GP for:

Rapid Implementation

  • Familiar and quick to learn user interface
  • Preconfigured for your industry, yet easily adapted to your unique business needs
  • Quick deployment and minimal training time

Inventory Management and Sales

  • Rapidly discern which products are selling, which are stagnant
  • Improved customer understanding allows for reduced inventory, changes in inventory

Business Intelligence

  • Identify opportunities and problems faster with better analytical tools
  • Meet unique supply chain requirements without added complexity
  • Share information and insight throughout your organization

HostedGPR1Supply Chain Management Modules

Invoicing: Improves invoicing efficiency.

Sales Order Processing with Advanced Invoicing: Streamlines and automates the sales ordering process.

Extended Pricing: Enables your sale teams to improve customer satisfaction with flexible pricing options.

Order Management: Gives sale teams and customers secure online access for reviewing sales information and placing orders.

Inventory Control: Controls inventory effectively by managing inventory on a site-by-site basis.

Advanced Distribution: Tailors distribution with built-in process workflow, providing a detailed means of tracking inventory information quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Advanced Picking: Reduces handling and increases accuracy for single and multi-site warehouse operations.

Available to Promise: Ensures the right inventory is available at the right time to meet customer needs.

Purchase Order Processing: Automates processes for purchasing and approval.

Landed Cost: Tracks costs of inventory items and automatically assigns or modifies costs on purchase orders.

PO Generator: Automates purchasing and generates suggested purchase orders.

Requisition Management: Enables online approval and transfer of requisitions to purchase order processing.

Returns Management: Automates returns processing and enables accurate sales invoices and returns.

Supply Chain Management Inventory Detail Turnover

More than 40,000 customers use Dynamics. And for almost that many reasons.

Dynamics provides snapshots of Inventory Key Performance Indicators to analyze item turnover in detail.

Dynamics Features

Creates insight
From built-in reporting to sophisticated data-driven decisions, Dynamics creates visibility across your organization. Easily and instantly access relevant information needed, as high-level or granular as required, right from personalized home pages.

Increases efficiency
With a similar interface, Dynamics works perfectly with, the Microsoft® applications your people already know and use.

Customized Functionality
Easy customization gives your employees the exact information and tools they need to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.

Enhances Communication and Collaboration
Dynamics also connects your people and systems, fueling teamwork, increasing accuracy, and reducing steps for routine tasks—freeing them to focus on what matters most to your company.

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