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What affects Microsoft Dynamics licensing costs? The costs to license and use business management technology vary greatly among companies. You’ll find an overview in Save Money, Buy Microsoft Dynamics GP or How to Budget Cost of ERP Software Implementation Services. Essentially, these four factors have an immediate impact on the overall cost of your total business solution:

1. Business software components.
The components you’ll need are influenced by the type of business you’re in, along with the current and future software needs your company might have.

2. The number and type of people who will use the software.
Factors to consider include the size of your staff versus third parties (non-employees), the kind of tasks they perform, and the software access that each person needs.

3. How people access the software.
Mode of access (rich client versus Web client, mobile client, or other mode of access) will influence the software licensing price. More information on the different types of access licenses can be found in the Microsoft Dynamics user access type matrix (XPS 431 KB).

4. The level of service that’s right for your company.
Depending on your business and IT staffing structure, you may choose varying degrees of service, training, and more.

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