Our Top 5 Suggestions for Proactive Risk Management


Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Protect your organization’s bottom line and reputation. Risk management is more than compliance with industry and government regulations. Routinely using effective risk management processes protect the integrity and safety of your essential data and financial processes…and your reputation.

In addition to Microsoft Dynamics GP’s built-in field-level and account security features we suggest the following:


1. Expert Project Management Mitigates Risk.

While all our clients hope for easy and uneventful projects, some encounter difficult situations…and our proactive project management comes through for them. Discover how proactive project management helped one of our clients Mitigate Risk During an Audited Upgrade with Microsoft Dynamics® GP .

2. Hosting Adds Stability.

The reliability of hosting is a good fit for companies that must maintain strict compliance with government regulations and industry requirements. As we are constantly looking for long-term business solutions that provide stability for your company, we will begin offering hosting late this summer.

3. Audit Trails Track Changes to Data.

The Audit Trails module delivers strong tracking, tracing, and reporting capabilities that help your organization maintain regulatory compliance. Capture and archive changes to electronic data and documents required for maintaining regulatory compliance, including before-and-after transactional information, user ID, and time and date stamps.

4. Electronic Signatures Prevent Unathuorized Changes.

The Electronic Signatures module lets you set up preventative authorization controls that can be activated at any place in the system where data is changed. A window that requires authorized users to enter identity information appears before any changes may be made to your data.

Both Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures are included in the Risk Management Suite that is available a la carte for Business Essentials and Advanced Management. Clients using Professional Module Based Licensing may add either module.

5. Safe Pay Can Prevent Check Fraud.

The Safe Pay module allows you to export your checks for comparison by the bank when those checks are presented for payment. As 9 of 10 fraud attempts are by check fraud, it is easy to understand why the Safe Pay module can be of significant value to your company. SafePay is included with Business Essentials and Advanced Management. Clients using Professional Module Based Licensing may add the module.

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