Microsoft Dynamics® GP Benefits For
Wholesale Distribution:

  • Identifies emerging customer behavior and discovery of new opportunities and product lines for increased profit potential
  • Deepens inventory insight for reduced waste and cost associated with storage
  • Improves margins through collection and storage of accurate data across business systems
  • Improves customer relationships for long-term sales opportunities built on knowing and understanding your customers’ buying decisions

As a distributor in today’s economy you face a series of challenges that include but are not limited to:

  • Changes in customer demand and the need to quickly those demands
  • Need for increased visibility into your supply chain
  • Improving inventory controls for better availability and on-time delivery
  • Controlling operational costs for increased profit margins
  • Maintaining labor and operations agility for more efficiency

Dynamics Advanced Distribution provides instant access to view inventory levels for specific items at a glance.

Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Distribution

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