Yummy! Yummy! Dynamics GP RapidStart Puts Blackberries in My Tummy

Posted by Gloria Braunschweig on Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oregon is the blackberry capital of the world; blackberries like the ones in the jam on your morning toast or grandma’s cobbler. With Oregon producing more than half of the world’s blackberries, it’s reasonable for the largest blackberry processing centers in the world to be located in Oregon and to have a rapidly-approaching busy season.

By June, our new client will grow from a handful of family owner/employees to 400 workers. We have a new server to implement, the client has made all the right decisions to enable an implementation that will move quickly, and Dynamics GP has the right software toolset to get the job done.

The client needed and received complete assurance that they will be completely operational on Dynamics GP within 6 weeks. The RapidStart Configuration Tool will help us speed this implementation along by enabling the configuration of a company database on a virtual machine of ours before their server is even ordered and before they materially participate in the design.

RapidStart Configuration Tool

Immediately after I create the company database I start the RapidStart Configuration Tool.  Directing this project to an empty data directory results in the Tool creating 8 Excel worksheets for use: Company, Financial, Fixed_Assets, Inventory, Payroll, Posting, Purchasing, and Sales.

The RapidStart Excel worksheets holding setup configurations will easily allow 3 of us access to configuration data. The Excel worksheets enable quick changes to the configuration. We’ll retain a base empty backup of the company database. If we make configuration changes, we’ll restore the empty database, change the Excel worksheets, and re-import the configuration.

We’ve already extracted data from the client’s legacy system, Turning Point. A key approach during the implementation will be our kickoff interviews with the client with decisions recommended by us along the tone of, “This is what we’ll configure to meet your needs.” I’ve completed implementations with companies using 5, 6 and 8 segment account numbers, but this small business needs rapid recommendations. The client’s primary stated objectives are:

  1. We like the configuration within Turning Point. We want to stay similar to it.
  2. We need a system that integrates data more easily
  3. We need inventory items with lot control and attributes, functionality currently missing in our processing software system
  4. We want to create two companies within one database—what the client means technically is that they need two GL account segments for two divisions in order to enable separate trial balances. They have only 1 legal entity.

The implementation approach is one of ensuring that we understand what the client wants, translating it into the prototype system, demonstrating the system to them so they see what they expected, and documenting the system so we insure clarity (and a fall-back position if we misunderstood anything).

Microsoft Dynamics GP with RapidStart will cut days and hours out of the implementation. RapidStart is the tool that enabled this client to implement before their busy season. It gave us the confidence to know we’ll be able to put the limited time we have to best use.  With that confidence, we easily proved to the client that we can have their Dynamics GP software implemented before berries start arriving by the millions of pounds.

That’s a lot of berries! It reminds me of the vacation with my daughter when we floated down a creek on inner tubes on a hot summer day while stuffing ourselves with juicy wild Oregon blackberries that hung on long canes overhanging the creek.

We juiced up the speed of closing this sale because of Dynamics GP’s reputation as a solid product for accounting management with strong integration tools which will connect it to the processing plant’s mobile weighing software. We could instantly assure the client that the prototype and live configurations would move very quickly with RapidStart Configurator.  We’ll have adequate budget for design, training, and go live consulting with no skimping to stretch the budget.

We’re empowered to quote a separate custom report connected to their weigh-in SQL program because their berries move from the field, through processing, to their buyer or freezer by the end of each 20 hour work day during the June to September growing season.

I might have to make an extra on-site visit when the season is at its peak in July for quality control on the blackberries…I mean on the Dynamics GP system.

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